New Workshop Project and October Schedule

Hello everyone, October is coming fast and before we know it… well I am not going to say, but it’s coming.

Wallace Chapman once said “Don’t just do something, Sit there”.

Have you ever wanted to accomplish something, but didn’t know where to start, so you never got started? You know, it’s true, “regrets” don’t come from things we have tried and failed, but from those things we never tried….. Well, Now is your chance!

Since I opened the JewelryMonk Studio and Training Center in July of this year, many of you have gotten the chance to come alongside me as I helped you create some amazing pieces of jewelry, and hopefully I have given you a skill you can take with you for a long time. If you want to learn a new jewelry making skill, and haven’t gotten a hold of me to schedule some bench-time, what are you waiting for?

The JewelryMonk Training Center is the only hands-on jewelry school within hundreds of miles of Rapid City, and the Black Hills of South Dakota. And, If you happen to be in the area, make sure you set aside a few hours, or a few days to spend some “Quality Bench Time” with Doug. You will never be the same.

Take a look at the October Schedule and see if any of the project based classes are right for you:

Also, remember with school starting up, I have opened up morning training (One-on-One) for working with individuals on specific projects from 9:00am to 12:00pm Monday through Friday. Call to schedule a slot. 605 718-5070

Take care and stop in and say howdy soon.

Now, Let’s get ready to Make the BEST Jewelry of Your LIFE!


Class Descriptions

Bezel Creation:(4 Hours) $125 Course

Oct. 1, 13, 19, 22

We start with a stone of your choice, or I have some pre-selected stones. Learn to create a Bezel for the stone, soldering it together, and set the stone in the bezel. This class covers Layout, Cutting, Measuring, Soldering, Cleaning up scratches and file marks, and Stone Setting.

Earring Making Workshop: (3 Hours) $100 Course

Oct. 2, 12, 17, 26

Start with sterling silver sheet, wire, and earring posts. Learn Texturing, Filing, Forming, Soldering, and Polishing to create your own custom made dangle earrings that you can wear home.

Copper Pendant Creation Course: (3 Hours) $100 Course

This workshop starts with a sheet of copper and we will texture, saw, and form the metal into a large medallion pendant that will hold either a stone of yours, or I will provide a stone for the project. In a few short hours you will create a finished piece of one of a kind, wearable jewelry.

Oct. 8, 27

Ring Band Making: (2 Hours) $75 Course

Oct. 6, 15, 24

Start with a piece of rectangle shank material and Learn Metal Forming, Sizing, Texturing, Soldering, Filing, Sanding, and Polishing. When we are done, you will have a Sterling Silver Band that you created, that you can wear home.

Sawing and Layout Techniques: (2 Hours) $75 Course

Oct. 3, 11, 20

Many people have their favorite shapes, animals, designs, etc. Together we will learn to Transfer Design to Metal, Texture, Pierce, Saw, File, Sand, and Polish copper, silver, and/or brass. When you are finished, you will have a pendant or pin you can wear home.

Ring Sizing Techniques (Up and Down): (2 Hours) $75 Course

Oct. 10

The thing with peoples ring jewelry, is they either hand them to others, decide to wear them on other fingers, or their fingers change size over time, so they sit it their jewelry box. We will Learn how to measure your finger, then Size a Ring Up and Down, then File, Sand, and Polish. I will teach you the skills needed to accomplish these tasks, Then, bring as many rings as you wish, and we will work on as many as we can in a 2 hour period.

Spinner Ring Project: (2 Hours) $75 Course

Oct. 5, 16,

Spinner Rings are the original Fidget Spinners, for your fingers. I will show you the skills you need to create your own Spinner Ring, In this class, we will Learn Sawing, Soldering, Sanding, Metal Forming, and texturing, to create a “Spinner Ring”


COMING at the end of Oct – Jewelry Basic Metalsmith Workshop: 

(5 Day Class, 5 Spots Available)

Oct. 29, – Nov. 2

A 5 Day Extensive Basic Metalsmith Class covering Techniques in Metal Fabrication, Soldering, Filing, Sawing, Annealing, Texturing, in Creating Rings, Pendants, and Earrings.

Bonus…. Sightseeing trips to Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Mountain, and MORE.


Open Class: (Daily 9am – 12pm) $45/Hr. Course (Discounts available)

Specific One on One Class Time, working on projects the student wants to learn.

Bench Rental Time: (contact Doug for available times) $30/Hr. Course

JewelryMonk Studio and Training Center

717 Main St. RC,SD



Protecting Your Jewelry from Fire Stain During Soldering


Old Habits are sometimes hard to break, and unless I can see WHY I need to change, I usually won’t. I am kinda stubborn that way. I have mentioned today’s soldering concept before to jewelers, but today I decided to show in pictures and video why I do what I do.

I use a “Powdered” Boric Acid and Denatured Alcohol Dip as a Jewelry Soldering Protective Covering to protect against Fire Scale and Fire Stain. I dip my jewelry into this solution and allow it to sit for a minute or two. Here I show an example of why I let the alcohol EVAPORATE instead of burning it off with fire. You can see a visible difference, and it works better. I have put together a quick video to show the difference as well below.


Here is a quick explanation of what Denatured Alcohol and Powdered Boric Acid does. The denatured alcohol is a “carrier” of the powdered boric acid, and when the 2 are mixed, a little of the boric acid dissolves in the alcohol. When the jewelry is dipped into the solution, there is a thin layer applied to the entire surface of the piece. When the alcohol is gone, you can see this layer. This thin layer acts as a protective barrier to keep oxygen away from the metal, and OXYGEN is what causes the fire scale and fire stain.

If you look closely at the 2 pieces above, the first image is of a piece that was dipped, then lit on fire to burn off the alcohol, the second piece was dipped and allowed to let the alcohol dissolve in the air, which took less than 2 minutes. The second picture has more protection for the jewelry from the elements (oxygen) and will do a better job of keeping the fire stain away. The first example will protect better than no dip at all, but a little patience will go a long way.

Hope this makes sense, and I hope to break your bad habits of burning off the alcohol by example.

Thanks as always for stopping by and supporting all I do in the world to increase jewelry skills, and make jewelry creating an easier and fun experience.

Now, Go Make Something Shiny, and Let’s get ready to Make the BEST Jewelry of Your Life!


Tool Modification and Jewelry Defect Repairs

Tool Modification and How to Deal With Pits and Porosity

 I have touched on this subject in the past, but yesterday I added a quick video lesson to better explain this tool and how I make it and use it.  Click HERE, or the image to see the video.


Ready for another quick lesson? Today I get to address one of my favorite-est (not a word) subjects in the world….. Tool Modification. I mentioned before that I seldom throw away tools, bits, burs, etc. I am always trying to find a way to modify them into new uses. For one reason, I can make tools for the exact job I am doing, and 2, it is a free way of expanding my tool arsenal. (you should see my garage…..)


Here is a quick way to make a tool that works wonders cleaning those hard to get into areas. If you have a small used up bur, snap/break off the end and grind of sand with a sanding disc with between 3 and 6 different angles or “facets”.

Bit4 Bit3

These edges when spun in a Foredom work as a powerful burnisher that will grind and smooth rough areas that ordinary tools and burs can’t reach.


If you work with casted or soldered pieces, then you are no stranger to pits and porosity. This little tool also takes care of some of the small pits and porosity, where trying to polish these away usually just reveals more pits and porosity. Use this little rotary burnisher to rough up and “smear” the metal over the bad areas, then when you sand and polish, unless the porosity is extreme, you should be able to remove or repair these areas. Click on the image to expand it.

Porosity1 Porosity2

Burnished2 Burnished1

I have a huge selection of burs, burnishers, grinders, texture-makers, and pit-beaters to select from that I have made over the years, and I am constantly experimenting with new shapes and styles.

Tools Reused

Now, put on that creative cap and make some fun tools to experiment and play with.

……and as always, Let’s get ready to Make the BEST Jewelry of Your LIFE!


Here are 4 New Video Tips for You Today…. and a Podcast

Back to what I enjoy doing!

OK, Can I get a little serious and personal with all of you for a moment? I am a Jeweler, a Teacher, and an Encourager, but I am not very good at selling, and I would rather talk about anyone else than myself. That being said, I am glad to be done promoting my last Video Series, and I feel I owe it to those of you who stuck around through the last week of sales posts and email updates, so This One Is For You!

I also did another Quick Podcast this last week, and have placed it in this post, incase it slipped by you.

Here are 4 Quick Videos (really, 1-3 minutes each) I did over the last week or so, All On Tool Prep and Modifications.

Tweezer Modifications

How to Modify Your Tweezers for Jewelry Work I have heard it said, and attributed to Abe Lincoln, “If I had 4 hours to cut down a tree, I would use the first 2 hours sharpening the axe”. That must be one big tree…. But I get the idea. Tool Preparation is very important! Here is a quick video showing how I go about preparing my tweezers for bench work.

Snap-On Disc Tip

I use these handy Snap-on Sanding Discs Every Day Here is a little tip to make them last a bit longer.

Half-Round/Flat Pliers Modification

I am a HUGE proponent of preparing your tool surface, so you are NOT creating more work by adding “Tool-Marks” to your work.

Ring Clamp Tip

Ring Clamps and Bicycle Inner Tubes….. What WHAT!!!! Yes, Bicycle Inner Tubes make great tool Modifications.

Everyone, THANK YOU for standing by me in this JewelryMonk Project I am trying to create. I said earlier, I am a Jewelry Maker, Teacher, and Encourager, and I am stumbling through this internet stuff, hopefully learning along the way.

Take Care as always!

Now, get out there and make something Shiny!


INTRODUCING a Comprehensive Video Training Course

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1 Image Sizing Video

3 Videos on Setting Building

1 Video on Metal Assembly

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2 Videos on Metal Trimming

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1 Mold Making and Casting Video

1 Video on Stone Setting and Polishing


and plenty of bonus material…….PLENTY! (MORE than 25 other teaching subjects in Bonus Videos)


That is at least 45 videos in all, and the list continues to grow.

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…… Get Ready to MAKE the BEST Jewelry of Your LIFE…..TOGETHER