Day 14 Files (Metalsmithing)

Files 1

Day 14, let me “Geek-out” a little on tools today. I might have mentioned before, but I am a modelmaker by trade, hence, I pay particular attention to minute detail. I never touch a piece of jewelry without my Optivisor with a #7 lens, and am constantly aware that if I leave a flaw in a piece of jewelry, it will be duplicated over and over again due to the molding process. I will use a Foredom when I have to, but prefer to take a little more time and “massage” the piece by hand, it is my “happy place”. So today, let me show you my arsenal of files:

Large Files:

#2 and #4 Flat Hand File are a must

#2 and #4 Half Round Ring Files for inside ring shanks

Needle Files:

#2 & #4 Barrette File (my all time favorite)

#2 & #4 Crossing File (inside radius stuff)

#4 Equaling File (sizing)

#4 3 Square File

#4 Square File

#4 Round File

Escapement Files:  (smaller than needle files)

#6 Barrette File

#6 Half-Round File

#6 Equalling File

#6 Round File

#6 Three Square File

#6 Square File

There you have it, my Geeked-out list of Top 18 Files I can’t live without.

Now go do something Great!


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