Day 43 Polishing Tip

Harney Peak 2014

I am still in the midst of a little get-a-way mini vacation, I am not close to my studio or any of my tools, so I will have to give you a quick tip today. I have mentioned this before in passing in one of my lessons, but it is a great tip and a great way to get into those hard to reach places and remove scratches and polish. Whether it is removing marks from your saw blade, mold lines, or just getting a nice shine in an area where you cannot get a tool. Polishing with a string!

First I would make sure the scratches or blemishes are not too deep. If they are, go after them with a small modified bur to smooth over the area. I use a fine tipped bur, and grind off the end with a fine Sandpaper Disc. I make 3-5 angles or edges on the bur.

Bit 1

Smooth any saw blade marks or mold lines, then load a cotton string with Tripoli. I like to use Graystar or Bobbing Compound first to pre-polish and remove the deeper scratches. I have different sized strings for larger or smaller areas. Run the string through the place you would like cleaned up, tie one end to a nail or something firm on your bench, then rub the piece back and forth over the string, making sure to move it around so not to create “Grooves” because this will cut work quick. You can even double up the string to make it work a little quicker.

String 1 String 2

Next do the same thing with a new string loaded with Red Rouge to finish polishing. You will be amazed at the shine you get and how quick this works. Lastly, Ultrasonic Clean and Steam Clean.


Now go out and have a Fantastic Day! I am going to go finish my rejuvenation!


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