Day 53 Jewelry Cleaning Tools

Howdy again! Well, after all the hard work of getting your pieces just the way you like them, you have polished them to a glistening thing of beauty……now what? How do you get the polishing compound off of the pieces of jewelry? There are a couple of ways to do this.

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We will be focusing on cleaning with an Ultrasonic Cleaner and a Steam Cleaning Machine, but if you have no equipment like this yet, there is still a way to clean off the polishing compound, using a Extra Soft Toothbrush and some liquid soap mixed with water. (I like Simple Green, it is not harmful to you or the environment) After cleaning with a toothbrush and soap, use a Polishing Cloth to remove any blemishes.

It is important, however, that while you final polish your piece, that you do not use a lot of Rouge because the more rouge you use, the harder it is to get out of the cracks and crevasses.

Now if you do have an Ultrasonic Cleaner and a Steam Cleaning Machine, here are a couple of tips to use. First, use some Coated Copper Wire that you can pick up at a hardware store and cut and bend them into a bunch of “S” shapes (I have many of these) and hang them from another coated wire that rests on top of the ultrasonic. I have also used Vinyl Coated Paperclips for smaller pieces.

Final Polish (1) Final Polish (2)

After cleaning them in your ultrasonic cleaner, rinse with clean water and steam clean. I hold the pieces with a pair of Spring Tweezers with Clear Vinyl Tubing to protect the pieces from scratching.

Final Polish (5) Final Polish (6)

There have a finished clean piece of jewelry you can be proud of. Time to sell that one and start on the next project.

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Now go enjoy your shiny day!


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