Day 57 How to Cut a Square Hole with a Round Bur

OK, now that I have your attention, I have never found a way to make a square hole with a round bur, but I will be making square holes today with burs and a file

Square Holes Header

First thing to do is to make sure you have a good layout plan. I prepare the 22 gauge silver sheet I am using with 90 degree edges. I measure out 2mm increments on my Dial Caliper (I would have used my Digital Calipers if the battery wasn’t dead) and scribe lines from both straight edges. I make a grid, then mark very light lines in the middle of these lines (1mm increments) so I can find the center of each 2mm block. I use the tip of my metal scribe to make a “divot” to start a pilot hole for drilling.

Square Holes (1) Square Holes (2)

Square Holes (3) Square Holes (4)

Next I drill a small pilot hole with a 0.5mm Drill Bit. In this case, the metal I am drilling is fairly thin, so I drill with a 0.5mm Ball Bur. Afterwards I drill a 1mm hole

Square Holes (5) Square Holes (6)

After the holes are drilled, I take a small 0.7mm Cylinder Bur and carefully “square-off” the round holes, to make filing easier.

Square Holes (7) Square Holes (8)

Now I use a #6 Cut 4-Square Escapement File to make the holes square.

Square Holes (9) Square Holes (10)

Now I have all of these pieces and parts…… in the next blog post, let’s see what we can turn them into.

Square Holes (11)

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Now, go make today a Great Day.

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