How to Polish a Flat Piece of Jewelry with a Paper Towel


Ok, here is a quick lil’ tip for you today. If you ever have a piece of jewelry that is completely flat, and you want to keep it that way, without getting streaks or rounded edges from the polishing wheel, this little gem works wonders…..

Polish with Paper Towel Header

First take your flat piece (it can have a little dap to it, but not much) and sand out the scratches or blemishes with a sandpaper stick. Start with 400 grit, and work down to either 600 or finer grit. (even up to 1500) this will give you a nice flat surface, void of defects.

Polish with Paper Towel (1) Polish with Paper Towel (2)

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Next get a paper towel, the ones from a industrial sized paper towel dispenser seem to work good, but any paper towel will do. First, add an aggressive compound to the paper towel, like Graystar. Then place your piece on the compound-loaded paper towel and start rubbing. Add a little pressure.

Polish with Paper Towel (4) Polish with Paper Towel (5)

Polish with Paper Towel (6) Polish with Paper Towel (7)

When you seem to have gotten all the sandpaper scratches out, clean the piece, and do the same thing, this time with Red Rouge. Rub away…..

Polish with Paper Towel (8) Polish with Paper Towel (9)

There you have it, simple task, great results. Now I still take the piece to the final polishing wheel, just to add the great luster you want in a finished piece, but it is a lot less work, and the finished product is like glass, smooth and shiny.

Polish with Paper Towel (10) Polish with Paper Towel (11)

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