How to Make a Milgrain or Patterned Edge

How to Make a Milgrain or Patterned Edge

Sometimes I like to jazz up an edge of a ring or piece of jewelry. Today I will show you a quick way to add a “patterned” edge or a “milgrained” edge. This can be done to many edges or even the top of a bezel. I will demonstrate this on a scrap piece of silver, but you can use your imagination and add this type of pattern to any edge you like.

Patterned Edge Header

I am using a piece of silver with a flat edge to demonstrate the process, but like I said, use your imagination and add this pattern to whatever you like. First, I am scribing lines and marking off where I will make my cuts. I have measured the thickness of the silver and it is 0.65mm. The saw blade I am using is a 3/0 Blade which measures 0.25mm, so I have set my Dividers at 0.90mm (0.65 + 0.25) and scribed lines the whole distance of the piece.

Patterned Edge (1) Patterned Edge (2)

Patterned Edge (3) Patterned Edge (4)

Next I scribe a light line to set the depth of the cuts I am going to make. The lines I scribed on the top edge are a little deeper so the saw blade will follow in the groove. I use my Saw Frame to make a cut to the light line I scribed as a “depth guide”.

Patterned Edge (5) Patterned Edge (6)

If my math is right on the layout of the scribed marks I made, I should have square blocks left on the edge. Now I use my Beading Tool to round off the square blocks. I use a beading tool that is just a bit larger than the blocks I am going to round. I place the beading tool over the block and add pressure in a circular motion until the block is transformed into a round bead. Add firm pressure, but be careful to not add too much pressure because if the tool slips off the bead, it can make a nasty mark in your piece. Constant, steady, firm pressure is the key.

Patterned Edge (7) Patterned Edge (8)

After  all the beads are formed, I use a Rotary Brass Brush to clean up the edge and add a shine to the milgrain edge.

Patterned Edge (9)

There you have it, like I said earlier, this isn’t exactly a demonstration on a piece of jewelry but more of a way to encourage you to use your imagination to try this technique on an edge, bezel, or something that just needs a little “spice”.

Thank you as always for stopping by and following along on this journey. I hope you are experimenting with some of the techniques I share. Be sure to sign up to get these tips emailed to you, or send in comments or questions either by commenting here, emailing me at or send me a voicemail. I read and check them all.

Now go make a difference to your jewelry and your world…..


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2 Responses to How to Make a Milgrain or Patterned Edge

  1. Dawn Teasdale October 23, 2014 at 8:51 am #

    Thanks for this! I look forward to trying it soon ; )

    • JewelryMonk October 23, 2014 at 9:24 am #

      Thanks Dawn. Look forward to seeing what you do.