How to Create a Black Background

Hey everyone, I have been working on getting my podcasts up and running again, but until then, here is a blast from the past:

Creating a Black Background or Antiqued Background

Sometimes texturing doesn’t give me the contrast I am looking for, I want something a little more “drastic”. In this case, I will add a little a little Black Background or Antiquing, so today I will demonstrate how I accomplish this.

Black Background Header

I have a number of 10cc Syringes that I kept when I used to have to give my dog injections. I am sure you can order these though. The first thing I do is grind off the sharp end and trim it to a point to get into small areas. I do this with a Separating Disc.

Black Background (1) Black Background (2)

Black Background (3) Black Background (4)

Black Background (5)

Next I pull out the “plunger” out of the syringe and add Mineral Oil to the rubber part. This makes it easier to dispense the paint. I use Rust-Oleum High Heat Bar-B-Q Black Paint. Take off the tip, place the end of the syringe into the paint, and suck some paint into the syringe. According to how much you will be painting, you don’t need a lot of paint.

Black Background (6) Black Background (7)

Black Background (8) Black Background (9)

Once you have the paint in the syringe, you will want to get rid of any air pockets and bubbles. Place the needle on the syringe, and dispense paint until the air and bubbles are gone. Do this onto a paper towel. Next apply to the piece you want to paint. Start slowly, and in larger areas, you might need to add 2 or more layers to cover good. This works much better if there is a border all the way around the area you want painted, but not absolutely necessary.

Black Background (10) Black Background (11)

Black Background (12) Black Background (13)

Black Background (14)

I like to use Flat Black in most cases, but you can use a gloss finish if you like, even other colors.

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Now, go make something Spectacular!!


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2 Responses to How to Create a Black Background

  1. Johnna August 26, 2015 at 2:09 am #

    It’s realy a good idea to grind off the sharp end – it’s a “must remember” 😉
    I use Humbrol enamel which comes in 14 ml containers for DKK 15,- (in UK £ 1,70) in US I guess for less than $ 3.-
    so you don’t have to buy gallons …

  2. JewelryMonk August 26, 2015 at 6:06 am #

    Thanks Johnna.