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Jewelry Tip of the Week

Lets work on your Basic sawing skill …. by sawing some sheet metal.

  • Get sawblades. They come in packs of a dozen (They break easy) sawblades come in a variety of sizes from 8/0 the smallest to 8 the largest. I could bore you with a bunch of dimensions of sizes of blades, but I could see your eyes glaze over,  just know, the thinner the metal, the smaller the blade you use. I use a 3/0 for most jobs. Make sure the teeth facing the handle, usually cut perpendicular on a flat bench pin.  (on thinner sheets, I angle the blade to make more contact.)
  • … I use a 4″ frame, they come in all sizes from 2″ to 8″ ( distance from the blade to the back of the frame) 4″ just feels right for me, I have better control. 3″-5″ are the most common sizes.
  • Lubricant ….. Bees wax, paraffin wax, bur life, Pro-Cut Bur Lubricant, Oil of Wintergreen,  so it glides as it cuts. Not too heavy….. I use my fingers most times.  If you notice the teeth getting clogged with metal, rub your fingers over the blade (with the teeth direction)
  • Practice scribed metal,  drill a hole if pierced design is being used. (practice with copper, brass, etc.)  Drill with foredom, next to line or design. Use a center punch  (Brass Automatic Spring Loaded Center Punch) (Cool Tool of the Week)
  • Wear Safety Glasses! (bifocal from last episodes Cool Tool of the Week) Bifocal Safety Glasses SB-9000 PS Clear, +2.00
  • Practice cutting straight lines with a scribed line, coins, designs from magazines, etc.




Symbol of scales is made of stones on the cliff

Tips on How to Have a Life of Balance: 

  • Have you ever struggled with the balance of work, family, rest, enjoyment? I do all the time.
  • If your definition of balance is equal amount of time energy and focus in both?   This is never going to be possible.  I think It is more like spending the “appropriate” amount of time in each of the categories of life. (looks different in different season of your life.)
  • 3 Vital Aspects:
  1. Balance is not the same as rest……..
  2. Balance is Dynamic (constantly changing)
  3. Most importantly,  Balance is intentional (it is a caused thing) not going to just show up

So here are a few tips or Habits that help retain Work/Life Balance:

  1. Learn how to say no…. frequently. so you can say yes to things that matter most…… There is a trade off.   Time (168 hr. in a week) there are only so many hours in a week to balance the “Need to get dones and the re-energize moments ……
  2. Reflect and adjust regularly. Weekly and Quarterly reviews…. not just business, but all aspects of life.
  3. Listen to your inner circle intently. (family, friends, co-workers)
  • Remember…. Most times you don’t choose your future,…. You choose your habits and your habits choose your future. So Choose wisely my friends.

Jewelry News

Hoover & Strong announces new Fair-mined metal source

Currently sourcing Fair-mined gold and silver from the a mine in Peru, Hoover & Strong has recently announced they have obtained a second Fair-mined source in Colombia.   “We have recently partnered with the Iquira Cooperative in Colombia to obtain Fair-mined gold for our customers interested in socially-responsible Fair-mined products and services,” says Torry Hoover, president of Hoover & Strong.   Officially called the Iquira Municipality Agro-Mineral Cooperative, the Cooperative is located in Colombia’s famous coffee region.   The miners alternate seasonally between artisanal gold mining and coffee cultivation. The Iquira Municipality Agro-Mineral Cooperative is a model example of how coffee, plantain, livestock farming and gold mining can coexist sustain-ably.    For more info, go to  www.fairmined.org.    Torry Hoover also said that  “As they continue their efforts to be the most responsible refiner and precious metals manufacturer in the world, they are delighted to add the Iquira Cooperative to their source list for Fair-mined gold.”   Hoover & Strong currently offers Fair-mined casting grain, sheet and round wire in 14K yellow, 18K royal, 24K yellow, sterling silver and fine silver. For more information about fair-mined gold and silver, check out www.hooverandstrong.com/fairmined-gold.


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