Episode 10: Contrasting Jewelry Textures, Fiber Discs, and Sleep

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Episode 10: Contrasting Jewelry Textures, Fiber Discs, and Sleep

In this blogpost I will touch on some of the subjects I covered the JewelryMonk Podcast Episode 10:

First I have been reading this book this week by Greg McKeown called Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. It has a lot to do with business and business practices, but so much more.  There is a chapter called “Protecting The Asset” which covers the fact that most of us suffer from sleep deprivation. I cover some benefits of getting enough sleep and some of the effects of poor sleeping habits. It is quite “eye-opening”.


Next I answered a question from an email I received about keeping track of time spent on a project, pricing, and collecting information on trials, errors, projects and experiments. I won’t give you the rundown here, but I will give you a hint….. Evernote plays a huge part in my system.

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I also had a Jewelry Tip of the Week where I covered some tool I use in texturing jewelry:

Ball Bur….. using a .5mm – 1.0mm ball bur to texture.

Textured (4) Textured (5)

Electric Engraver with steel a modified bur or a diamond tip.

Making a Burnishing Tool Header  Texturing (15) Texturing (9)

Flat Graver Blade to bright cut an edge

Textured Ring2

Lastly I talked about my pick for the Cool Tool of the Week:

Micro Fiber Separating Disc or Snap-on Sanding Disc to create a florentine texture. 

Fiberwheel2 Textured Ring1


Micro Fiber Separating Disc

They can be used as a cut off wheel, a sanding or filing disc, and a texturing tool.  Flexing, 0.30 mm in thickness and reinforced.

 And we bring in the Christmas Season with some Christmas Music:

Why can’t it be Christmas all year by Rosie Thomas
Santa’s Lost his Mojo by Jeremy Lister
Everything’s Changed at Christmas But You by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors
Joy to the World by Andrew Ripp

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