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The JewelryMonk Podcast Episode 12

In this podcast episode, I cover a recent road trip I took, (that is where I was last week) cover some Eye Health issues, Answer a question from a listener, cover a jewelry tip, and a tool of the week.

Health Tip

First, I found an article by Steven Aitchison on his website “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life” on Eye Health and eye exercises you can do to strengthen you eyes. As jewelry makers, our eyes are something we need to protect and keep strong. These 5 tips will help keep them healthy and make you think.



Question Answered

Next, I answered a listener question about torch types, gas types, and torch usage. Smith Little Torch is my torch of choice. I explained why this week.

I have just picked up a Butane Torch, because I notice a lot of jewelers use them and I wanted to be able to relate and give advise. I haven’t picked up fuel for it yet, so I can’t give my thoughts on it yet. I will soon.

Again, If you have a question or comment  Send voice mail (button on right side of JewelryMonk.com) or send email to Doug@JewelryMonk.com like Naomi did: I am running low on questions this week. I usually answer all of them, but pick a few of them for the podcast.

Cool Tool and Tip of the Week

Half Round/Flat Pliers

Band with Head (4)

I talked about a blog post about re-surfacing Half Round/Flat Pliers at JewelryMonk.com/halfroundflat

I have so many favorite tools that it doesn’t do any of them justice to call them all “favorites”, but  I highlighted a tool that I seem to reach for almost every day, and I would be at a loss without it. It falls in the category of favorite tool for that reason, I talked about how to use them and how to modify them to work better for you. I like to prepare the surfaces of most of my tools so that they do don’t mark the jewelry that I am working on. Most of the tools that you buy are going to need a little “clean-up” so let’s look at how I clean up these pliers. 

Here is a –>YouTube Link<– for a video that I made that quickly demonstrates one way I use these pliers.

If you would like to come along side me and help out in my vision, I have created a way to do that. I have a Patreon site www.Patron.com/jewelrymonk You can go there and help me finance this goal of helping as many jewelers as I can. If you would give a few dollars per month, per podcast episode, whatever, I would be so grateful. AND if you would commit to pitching in $10 per month towards this effort, I will give you a huge shout-out one of my upcoming episode of The JewelryMonk Podcast. Mentioning you, your business, your website, your Facebook page…… whatever you desire.

Leave you with a Quote

“Becoming … is better than being”

Mindset  by― Carol S. Dweck,

So that is the 12th episode of The Jewelry Monk Podcast

If you find value in this podcast, tell a friend about it and the JewelryMonk.com website. The more people hear about it, and the larger the community becomes. And make sure to leave a comment, I always respond.

 Now, go make something exciting!


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