020 Podcast – JewelryMonk Design Contest Kickoff

JewelryMonk Podcast Episode 20

JewelryMonk Design Contest Kickoff

In this episode The Kickoff for the JewelryMonk’s 2nd Design Contest!

Your Mission…… If you choose to accept it:  

Download the PDF with Rules and Stone choices

click here —->>>  RULES AND INFORMATION <—- click here

  • Design a SILVER design around one of these stone.
  • You have until March 31st, 2017, at Midnight to submit your design to Doug@JewelryMonk.com.
  • My team and I will select 1 winner and announce it soon thereafter.  The winner will get their design created by myself.  During this process, I will create a video series of the whole process from:  Design – The Layout – Metal Fabrication and Cleanup – Rubber Mold Making – Wax Sizing – Casting the Production Piece – Grinding – Tumbling – Pre-Polishing – Stone Setting – and Final Polishing. The Theme of this video series will be Metal Fabrication and Soldering, using the winning design as an example.
  • I will make this video series, Focused on METAL FABRICATION AND SOLDERING available for purchase when it is finished, BUT the winner will receive the series for free.

BUT WAIT!!!! There’s More! (I have always wanted to say that….. sorry)

The winner will also receive the finished model, the mold, and the finished piece to own. This design and finished piece is theirs to do with whatever they want, it will be ready to go into production if they so desire.

ALSO, I introduced the A to Z Design to Finished Jewelry Video Course 


  • The A to Z Design to Finished Jewelry Course is a 10 lesson, 22 video series that takes you through creation a piece of jewelry, from concept and drawing, all the way to the completed piece of reproducible jewelry. The videos cover, in real time, all the processes from transferring your design onto a wax blank, preparing and carving the wax. Casting that wax into silver, and cleaning up the silver into a model that will be molded. Injecting wax into the mold and casting those waxes into silver. Preparing those castings with tumbling media and polishing the castings. Finally, the piece will be set with a pear shaped stone in a prong/bezel setting, and the piece of jewelry will be final polished and cleaned, ready to ship.  (link below)

Featured Artist of this episode is www.BethBobbittDesigns.com

  • Hand Crafted Jewelry, Handcrafted for Unique Individuals

Jewelry Tip: has to do with Mineral Oil used with Polishing Compound

Cool Tool of the Week is a Degree Gauge:

Plus lots more in the podcast……

Now, Let’s Make something Shiny, Together.


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