JewelryMonk’s Design Contest Winning Piece Finished

I know it has been a while, with traveling, and summer, and more traveling….. but the 2nd JewelryMonk Design Contest winning piece is finally finished.

Jen Popolis from Illinois is the winner of the contest with a fantastic design that lends itself very well to project which was all fabricated from silver, using sheet and wire.

Jen will receive her design as a finished Sterling Silver Pendant set with a 6x6mm Square Citrine, as well as a Model and Mold of the design as well. She will also receive a video series documenting the whole process from creation to finished piece.

The good news for you though, is that If you would like to know the what went into the process of creating this piece, you are in luck. Soon I will make available the video series that covers the whole process from fabricating and soldering the piece together, to polishing, texturing and stone setting. It will also touch on molding and casting, but the focus is on the creation of the design. The video series will be comprehensive and take you step by step, and I explain everything I am doing in “real-time”. I am guessing there will be around 15 videos, with some bonus material added as well, so stay tuned to the website for details.

Again, Coming Soon

I will be releasing a Complex Video Series that will cover all that went into creating this design and more. Stay Tuned and Be on the lookout for this release. It will come QUICK, and be GONE QUICKER.

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I will check in soon,…… now I have some editing to do…..

Take Care


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