New Direction in the JewelryMonk Journey

Some dreams are just that, dreams. 

I have had a dream for many years about starting a studio/training center in my area, but it never really got further than that, a far off dream.  Most of you know I have been making jewelry for others for over 30 years, and after a bout with illness, decided life is just too short to have regrets, so quit my job to work for myself as a jewelry teacher and consultant. (I am all better now BTW)  It has been going well, and I really enjoy it, have been doing a lot of traveling, which I enjoy, but it is not in the direction of that long-held dream.

I started doing something this year which changed all that. It is something I have heard about, and thought it sounded good, but never really tried….. all-in anyway, and that is goal-setting.  I have had goals in my mind, I have had goals in my plans, but they always got put aside for the next “shiny” or important thing that came across my bench.

Well, I did something drastic this year, I made a list of goals, 5 Year – 1 Year – 1 Month – 1 Week – 1 Day, and I wrote them down.  You are thinking “big deal, what will writing down goals going to do?”  I didn’t just write them down, but I visit and read them every day, and fine tune them, and ponder on them, DAILY.  You wouldn’t think that would be such a game changer, but you know what, It Is….. For me anyway.  I started accomplishing my daily goals, and my weekly goals which was a big boost in my confidence.  Then started thinking “I wonder, just wonder, what it would take to get to my BIG long-off goals?  Well, I did a little checking, did a lot of praying, and before I knew it, I am ready to sign a lease on a downtown building on my Life-Long Goal of starting my own Studio/Training Center!

So that is where I have been lately, and that is where I am going in the future. I will still be here at Educating, Encouraging, and Equipping y’all more and more. I will get back to podcasting at The JewelryMonk Podcast, but I will be doing it all from The New JewelryMonk Studio and Training Center. I will also be starting specialized training classes next year, and be putting together some very cool Vacation/Training packages.

    I also have a new comprehensive video series coming out soon focused on metal fabrication and soldering.  Stay tuned, this one is very cool.


So, there are some new things coming soon at and I am excited and scared….. but more excited than anything.  So thanks for coming along this journey with me, and stay tuned, I ain’t going anywhere, well except downtown.

Take Care. Now, Go Make Something Shiny!


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