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Jewelry Maker’s Square in Stainless Steel



Limited Quantities:

I have used one of these for over 20 years, and have not seen them anywhere. I built my first one, and so I made a number of others, because I am sure I am not the only one who has wanted to use one over the years.
If you do not lose it, it will last you a lifetime.
Good for marking 90 degree angles, making square settings and square pieces, marking straight lines, etc.
I keep mine handy, and use it many times a week.

It measures 32mm long, 21mm tall, and it is made out of 20 Gauge Stainless Steel (0.65mm)
Includes FREE Shipping.

I have a limited supply, so when they are gone…. they are gone, and I don’t know if I will make any more. I DO NOT want to be in the tool making/selling business.

OK, Time to highlight some who are doing it right…..


Clean water is essential to healthy living, and BloodWater.org works to ensure that water is always provided alongside sanitation and hygiene training to maximize its benefits.   They work with their local partners to provide access to clean water through a wide range of technologies. With knowledge of the local people, them and their partners select the technology that will be most effective in the community where they are working based on environmental, cultural, economic, and technological factors to optimize quantity, quality, access, and reliability. In many cases, a combination of technologies is required to achieve these goals.   The best gift this holiday season can’t be found in stockings on the mantle, fit in festively-wrapped boxes, or travel well in a sleigh… For Many, The best gifts, and most common solution is CLEAN WATER, which include wells with hand pumps or mechanized wells, spring protection, rain catching systems, surface catching systems, and household-level filtration and treatment.

Check out BloodWater.org to see how you can make a difference.

Join Them at www.bloodwater.org


Time to talk about your health:

OK, Trust me on this one……. Take 2-3 Minutes and do these things, and you WILL feel better!


I just finished up with my Next Video Course which I am calling The Fabricated Pendant Project, a Video Course focused on Fabrication and Soldering. It is a Video Series that Takes you Step by Step, from drawing all the way through, to a finished piece of reproducible jewelry.


The JewelryMonk Studio and Training Center, which I plan on opening at the beginning of 2018   I have hinted at this on social media,  But in a nutshell, I live in a beautiful part of the country, and I want to create a place where people can get away from their hectic, stressful daily routine, and learn a specific craft ………..and at the same time, see an interesting part of the country.  I will release my plans soon, but it will be focused on teaching beginner and intermediate classes on Fabricating, Soldering, Stone Setting, and possibly some advanced teachings later on, like Casting, Mold Making, and Model Making, CAD. I live in the Black Hills of South Dakota, this is where the Studio and Training Center will be located. I will soon be creating and announcing 1-2 week courses teaching in small groups, but will set aside time to check out the beautiful area I live in, like Mount Rushmore, Crazy House Mountain, Deadwood, and The Badlands National Park. Also there are many events in the downtown area in the evenings with local bands, microbreweries, eclectic shopping and an interesting art scene. Again, Follow JewelryMonk.com for details.

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Now go make something Shiny!



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