Tool Modification and Soldering Principles (FREE VIDEO)


But first, a story.

Three years ago, I was laying in a hospital bed, healing from surgery, and wondering about my future, what would it look like, would I even have much of a future? Encouragement was my friend, and I needed plenty of it, but you know what, I was the one who ended up being the “Encourager” to my friends and family. I could see the worry in their faces, but I was there to tell them “I got this, It’s ALL GOOD!” My nature is like that, it is my “default” and I get energy from it.

Fast Forward a few years, I am still like that. I am all healed up, Doctors say 3 years “C”-Free and I am moving forward to a brighter future. I don’t dwell on the past, but I don’t forget the lessons the past has taught me, and I am better for it.

All this to say, I am still am Encourager, and I have focused that energy into my Jewelry Education.

This week I am releasing a few videos that hopefully tries to get across this message of Education and Encouragement, and today is the 2nd in a series of FREE Videos. This FREE video will show how and why I Modify My Tools, and also will give a simple, but important Soldering Principle.


Since 2014, has been focused on Educating and Encouraging people in all aspects of jewelry making, and I will continue to do so through any and all means I can. Either through this page, the JewelryMonk FaceBook page, The JewelryMonk Podcast, or any other way I can find, my mission is to pass along this jewelry knowledge I have.

So come along this Journey with me and

Together, We Can Make The Best Jewelry Of Your Life!

As Always, Thanks for stopping by, Share this with a Friend, and get out there and Make Something Shiny!


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2 Responses to Tool Modification and Soldering Principles (FREE VIDEO)

  1. Linda December 13, 2017 at 4:25 pm #

    Thanks Doug,
    I remember the dismay I felt when you got cancer and how happy I was when you got better.
    You’re a gift to our metalsmith community. Thanks for everything you encourage. I’ve learned lots 🙂

    • Doug Napier December 13, 2017 at 4:27 pm #

      Thank you Linda! It has been quite a journey, and I have learned a lot as well.