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I have found the best way to make God laugh, is to tell Him your plans…..

Well, God is giggling nowadays at what I am doing. As those of you that follow my JewelryMonk journey know, I am soon opening up a Studio and Training Center in my home town in the Beautiful Black Hills. Educating, Equipping, and Encouraging has been my focus for some time, and I will continue to follow this path, BUT now there is a New Venture dropped in my lap……. Selling New Jewelry Tools.

This won’t last long, but I happen to have quite a bit of Jewelry Supplies I will be selling at a VERY Discounted Price, so if you are in the market for some Jewelry Tool Deals, I have created a new Page here:

Stop by and check out what is happening, there will be NEW TOOLS Added DAILY!

Take Care, and if you aren’t SUBSCRIBED to, Make sure you do, so you won’t miss anything.

Now……. Go Make Something Shiny!


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