Jewelry Polishing Concepts (Part1)

Do you struggle with getting that Professional Looking Finish on the jewelry you create? Does the concept of polishing escape you? Do you need someone to come alongside you and guide you through the task of polishing your finished jewelry? Well, this is your lucky day.

Today is the 1st video in a series of FREE Teaching Videos on Polishing Principles and Polishing Concepts. Those of you who follow me here and on social media know I have been working on this new series for quite a few months, since I have been hinting and giving you glimpses into this.

So here is the first video touching on Jewelry Polishing Concepts. I hope to get you to think about polishing a little differently through this fairly short overview, and in the coming week, I will open up a few more doors for you to help you get past some of the struggles that hold you up and frustrate you when it comes to polishing. So click on the link above, and check out the first video. Make sure you watch to the end, and make sure to leave a comment afterwards. I enjoy communicating with all of you. Also, come on back in the next few days, MORE to come!

Thanks as always, Now, Let’s get ready to make something Shiny, Together!


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