About Doug Napier

About Doug Napier

Together, We can MAKE the BEST Jewelry of YOUR LIFE!

“I have a passion for making jewelry and educating others.”

This is a place for Jewelers of ALL Experience Levels to gather and to get info, from Quick Tips of the Day, to Specialized Education.

Some of the things we have to offer You are:

  • FREE at JewelryMonk.com – Weekly Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials. (Subscribe and you won’t miss a thing)
  • The JewelryMonk Podcast – A podcast (weekly internet radio show) with ideas, interviews, guests, tips, etc.
    • The JewelryMonk Podcast is available on this website, iTunes, and Stitcher, as well as on the JewelryMonk.com site.
  • Specialized Comprehensive Training Packages with Video Lessons, One-on-One email and phone (Skype) consultations, walking you through every aspect of Soldering, Stone Setting, Polishing, Casting, Manufacturing and more.
  • Specialized Manufacturing Help, Troubleshooting, and Consulting in your facility at www.DougNapier.com

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About the JewelryMonk

A little about me, my name is Doug Napier and I started this website, JewelryMonk.com a few years back as a way of paying forward the vast jewelry knowledge I have accumulated over 32 years in the jewelry business. Over those years, I have traveled all over the world, focusing on making jewelry in a manufacturing setting, and I am experienced in all facets of jewelry making from bench jeweler and technical model-making, to production troubleshooting and Computer Design (CAD). Along my journey, I have learned many tips and tricks, and am more than happy to pass along anything I have learned. (I can’t take it with me). I believe I have been given a great gift when it comes to making jewelry, and I would like to be a good steward and pass it along to anyone who is hungry and wants to learn.


The daily information on this site will be all over the spectrum of jewelry making. It won’t be for everyone, but it will be for someone Every Day!

…..And you might just get hooked!

So, sit back, browse around the site, and come with us on this journey of jewelry and life, let’s do them both together.

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