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Checking in again

Hey gang:

One aspect about myself is that I always think I can handle everything myself and seldom ask anyone for help, but my loving sister is helping me get better about this. Through family and friends, I am beginning to see the importance of community and the fact that we need to lean on each other at times. I am being transformed through this journey…….

My sister put this together for me, and even though I find it very difficult to do, I promised hre I would help get the word out. Here is what she posted:

So here is the day I ask for forgiveness, not permission. I love you with all my heart Doug…..┬áRemember that! Please all…read, share, re-post and re-post often. Thank you in advance. We got this.

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Checking in Again


Hey gang, just dropping in for a quick hello. I am still around and haven’t forgotten about this whole “JewelryMonk project, just still taking some time to heal from surgery. I am healing well and will be back at the projects and all that goes on at right around the beginning of the new near. Thank you all for making this site and everything about JewelryMonk a great thing. See ya soon.

JewelryMonk Checking In

Rock man

Hey everyone, I thought I would just check in and say that I haven’t gone anywhere. I reached my goal of 90 posts in 90 days (somewhat) and am backing off a bit, focusing on a few other projects, at the same time I have been a little under the weather. I haven’t been posting many tips this week, but I have been writing some other content. Next week I will pick up the pace and have a few tips for you though. I value all of you and have spent some time building your trust, I won’t leave you hanging….. haha

So stay tuned, and have a wonderful weekend.

Now get out there and “rock-on”!


JewelryMonk is Changing Gears

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Hey everyone, Hope y’all had a great weekend. Now that Summer is winding down, (it has been a busy one) and I have completed my 90 day-in-a-row goal of posting on I am going to switch gears a little, try to focus a little more on trying videos, podcasting, and writing a little more extensive on different subjects, so I won’t be posting every day, maybe 3 times a week, but don’t worry, I ain’t going anywhere…..

Thanks for following me on this journey and stay tuned!