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Day 50 Jewelry Safety, Community, and Thanks!

Jewelry, a Story of Community, Friendship, and Perseverance.

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               There is something about the community of jewelry makers that defies definition. It is as strong as family and its roots go as deep as oaks and blood and waters and history. The friendships I have made in this “family” over the years will last for the rest of my days, and the people who make up this community will stop at nothing to help one another. I was reminded of this fact this week when I posted a blog post where I had images of me polishing with gloves on, and the community came out in force. I have always harped about safety in jewelry making, that one mistake or lack of attention can be devastating. Polishing with gloves on was something I started doing a few years ago, always knowing that it was risky and paying particular attention to where my hands were at all times, but y’all have convinced me to toss the gloves in the trash and figure another way of keeping my fingers cool and clean.

This group is Awesome, thank you for your “calling me out”.

Thank you all!



Day 42 Too Much Work Can Be a Bad Thing

Harney Peak 2014 7

Today my tip is about taking time off and getting re-charged.  

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I have always been a “self-driven” person and there was a time, back in the late 90’s when I was in business for myself, I had more work than I could imagine and was determined to do it all myself. I was working 15 hours a day 6 days a week and quite a few hours on my day off. Times were good, the money was coming in, but after about 2 years of this, I was so burned out I was ready to walk away from jewelry all together. I had lost my passion and that was not a good thing…… I decided to drop it all and take a 9-5 job (actually a 7:00 – 3:45) It took me a while, but the passion came back.

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Now I know when I need my batteries recharged and when I get to that point, I like to take some time and get away. That is what I am doing this weekend, getting away, getting out into nature and enjoying life. I find when I do this, it refills my passion, joy, and I get inspired once again. So that is my tip to you today, get out once in a while, don’t get burned out, and you just might find something that inspires you.


Have a Refreshing Day


Day 33 Exciting Changes and Questions

Exciting Changes Coming!

Well today’s lesson will be less of a lesson for you and more of a lesson for me, and I will need your help, I am in the process of changing “domain hosts”, (computer geekery stuff) and hopefully you won’t notice and it will be seamless. But in the process, the site might be down for a bit. (I hope not) Over the 4th of July seems like a good time to change. I am also trying to create a good logo. (I welcome your input)

Well, good things are happening here at, I am starting to do the groundwork and homework to start a weekly (or bi-weekly) Jewelry Making Podcast, kind of an internet radio program that you can listen to on your computer or your Smartphone. I will do some interviews of jewelers, tool reviews, jewelry tips, and whatever I can come up with.


But I could use your help.

I need some good questions about jewelry making that I can talk about on the first few programs, until I get my broadcasting bearings so to say. These programs probably won’t be too long, and I am going to try to give tips and such without the visual help of pictures or videos. (God help me) This ought to be interesting, but fun and a growing experience.

All this to say I would like your questions and input to add to the JewelryMonk Podcast. If you have something you want help with, tool suggestions, tips, etc. let me know and I will do my best to answer them. Honestly, I am a little intimidated by the whole idea, but I am willing to dive in and learn in the process. I figure if I ain’t learning, I ain’t going anywhere.

Wish me luck and stay tuned for an updated website and a podcast on this site and on itunes!

This is getting exciting!

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So go ahead and comment with some questions or subjects you would like addressed in the future podcast.

Thanks for getting what I am trying to do, now go shine your world.


Day1, The Beginning


OK, this is day 1, June 1st, 2014. My goal is to try and post once a day for the next 90 days….. WOW, quite an achievement for someone who doesn’t blog at all. I don’t know how this will turn out, but let’s give it a try. I hope to make this a community of people, with feedback, questions, and involvement from many to make and mold us into better jewelry makers

My outline will be, as of today, to focus on different facets of making jewelry each day of the week:

  • Monday Design (Waxcarving, Metalsmith, CAD, Etc)
  • Tuesday (Shaping, Doming, Filing, Grinding, etc.)
  • Wednesday (Soldering, Cold-joining)
  • Thursday (Potpourri, mixed ideas, whatever we come up with)
  • Friday (Reproduction, Casting, Models-Molds, Mold-cutting, Wax-injection, Stamping, etc.)
  • Saturday (Stone Setting: Prongs, Bezels, Channels, etc.)
  • Sunday (Polishing, Finishing, Contrasting Finishes, etc.)

Are you ready for a journey? I am, so lets go…….


Welcome to JewelryMonk!

Howdy and Welcome to JewelryMonk!

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Something new is coming. I am embarking on a journey, something completely new to me, and truthfully something I am kind of uncomfortable with, but am willing to jump in and see what the “water” is like.  I will be sharing tips, tricks, and methods I have learned over the 28+ years I have been in the jewelry industry. I know I can’t take it with me, and am a advocate of passing knowledge down, and being a good steward of the things I have been given.

In the future, we will be adding a podcast (internet radio show), e-books,  and whatever we can to help you become a more well-rounded jewelry maker.

Are you ready? Come along this journey with me!