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“Time Sensitive” Design Contest Details

JewelryMonk Design Contest

Have you ever had a jewelry design in your head, that you thought would be so cool, but were unsure how to get it from your head to a finished piece of jewelry? Well YOU ARE IN LUCK! …….really…….

Hey Everyone, Doug here.  I am so excited to start the 2nd JewelryMonk Design Contest! I had so much fun with the first one a few months back, that I am going to keep this going.

The first contest was all about wax carving, BUT THIS ONE IS ALL ABOUT SOLDERING AND METAL FABRICATION!  So here is what’s up with this Design Contest:

  • You design a silver piece of jewelry from the stones I suggest in the FREE Downloadable PDF
  • Keep in mind this is all about Metal Fabrication and Soldering
  • You have until March 31st, 2017, at Midnight to submit your design to
  • If You Win, You Get Design Created as a Finished Piece of Jewelry! FREE
  • If You Win, You ALSO Get a Model and a Mold so you can reproduce your design if you want. FREE
  • If You Win, You ALSO Get and a Video Series that shows you STEP-BY-STEP how the piece was created. FREE
    • Video Series will cover: Design – The Layout – Metal Fabrication and Cleanup – Rubber Mold Making – Wax Sizing – Casting the Production Piece – Grinding – Tumbling – Pre-Polishing – Stone Setting – and Final Polishing. The Theme of this video series will be Metal Fabrication and Soldering, using the winning design as an example.
  • Make sure to Subscribe, so you can follow along the process. I will be releasing videos and tips along the way!
  • Share with your friends…….

So here is what you do.

Click the Download button below and get the Design Rules, Stones, and all the Details.  After that, come up with a design and send it to me at

That Simple. My team and I will select 1 winner and announce it soon after the deadline of March 31st.

Now, don’t feel like you are not “Qualified” to submit a design. You do not have to be a jewelry designer to enter. If you can do a CAD drawing, a pencil sketch, or just a crayon sketch, that is all I need.  My career has been creating jewelry from designs, everything from complex computer designs, to “scratch paper and napkin designs”. I have an eye for this. We will not make our decision on the design sketch quality, but criteria set up by our team for this project. So this contest is for EVERYONE!

You have a little time, but not much!

Are you READY?  Together We Can Make the BEST Jewelry of Your LIFE!

See you in the Contest!


020 Podcast – JewelryMonk Design Contest Kickoff

JewelryMonk Podcast Episode 20

JewelryMonk Design Contest Kickoff

In this episode The Kickoff for the JewelryMonk’s 2nd Design Contest!

Your Mission…… If you choose to accept it:  

Download the PDF with Rules and Stone choices

click here —->>>  RULES AND INFORMATION <—- click here

  • Design a SILVER design around one of these stone.
  • You have until March 31st, 2017, at Midnight to submit your design to
  • My team and I will select 1 winner and announce it soon thereafter.  The winner will get their design created by myself.  During this process, I will create a video series of the whole process from:  Design – The Layout – Metal Fabrication and Cleanup – Rubber Mold Making – Wax Sizing – Casting the Production Piece – Grinding – Tumbling – Pre-Polishing – Stone Setting – and Final Polishing. The Theme of this video series will be Metal Fabrication and Soldering, using the winning design as an example.
  • I will make this video series, Focused on METAL FABRICATION AND SOLDERING available for purchase when it is finished, BUT the winner will receive the series for free.

BUT WAIT!!!! There’s More! (I have always wanted to say that….. sorry)

The winner will also receive the finished model, the mold, and the finished piece to own. This design and finished piece is theirs to do with whatever they want, it will be ready to go into production if they so desire.

ALSO, I introduced the A to Z Design to Finished Jewelry Video Course

  • The A to Z Design to Finished Jewelry Course is a 10 lesson, 22 video series that takes you through creation a piece of jewelry, from concept and drawing, all the way to the completed piece of reproducible jewelry. The videos cover, in real time, all the processes from transferring your design onto a wax blank, preparing and carving the wax. Casting that wax into silver, and cleaning up the silver into a model that will be molded. Injecting wax into the mold and casting those waxes into silver. Preparing those castings with tumbling media and polishing the castings. Finally, the piece will be set with a pear shaped stone in a prong/bezel setting, and the piece of jewelry will be final polished and cleaned, ready to ship.  (link below)

Featured Artist of this episode is

  • Hand Crafted Jewelry, Handcrafted for Unique Individuals

Jewelry Tip: has to do with Mineral Oil used with Polishing Compound

Cool Tool of the Week is a Degree Gauge:

Plus lots more in the podcast……

Now, Let’s Make something Shiny, Together.


Jewelry Creation Method Video Series is LIVE!



The Jewelry Creation Method Video Course

Have YOU ever been Overwhelmed by all the seemingly complicated processes that go into jewelry making? How to tackle all the concepts used in the craft? How do you get your design or idea from your mind into jewelry….

There’s Wax Carving – Casting – Model and Mold Making –  Soldering – Stone Setting – Polishing –  just to name a few…… and The list goes on.

Have you ever wanted to take a design that is in your head and create a piece of jewelry from it, one that is repeatable? How much time could you save if you could reproduce one of your handmade designs, over and over, with the same results every time, without recreating the whole piece from scratch?

Are you like me? Do you learn better by examples, rather that books or magazines?

What if someone could show you a Jewelry Creation Method, The Process, The System, ……Step by Step, ….. Every Detail, Every Concept    and TALK YOU THROUGH IT ALL ALONG THE WAY…..

Would that revolutionize your Jewelry Making Experience? If I could Show you how to make your jewelry ideas a reality? Would it open up new opportunities?

This Jewelry Creation Method Video Course is Focused on:  EDUCATION, EQUIPPING, and ENCOURAGING

The Video Lessons consist of:

1 Image Sizing Video

6 videos on Wax Preparation and Carving Videos

4 Videos on Casting/ Casting Prep and Investing Videos

3 Videos on SILVER Model Cleanup Videos

1 Mold Making Video

1 Tumbling, Grinding, Pre-polishing Video

2 Videos on Stone Setting Videos

1 Final Polishing and Cleaning Video

and plenty of bonus material…….PLENTY!

I walk you through every process with 4 camera video perspective

I explain exactly what I am doing, the whole time, and why I am doing it.

And in many cases, show you zoomed in photography of the example, so you completely grasp the concept.

I’ll show you how to master, and understand all of that in your own time.

The bottom line is that we’re going to cover a lot of ground together, over a couple of weeks, and you’re going to come out the other end with a complete understanding of the whole Jewelry Creation Method.

SO, If you’re ready to Take your Jewelry skill-set to the next level, then your next step is clear  click the order button above and get registered for the Jewelry Creation Method Course.

You have a big decision to make. I can’t make it for you… the only thing I can do is tell you that the Jewelry Creation Method Course works.

I promise:    It is not always going to be easy, change and growth never is

But I also promise:     The opportunity to change is always worth the effort.

Click the button now and I’ll see you in the program…

Now, as always…… Let’s Make Something Shiny…..TOGETHER


FREE VIDEOS – Overview of Jewelry Making – Tool Making – Overcoming Fear and Gaining Confidence


Over the past couple of weeks, I have been putting together some FREE VIDEOS on different aspects of Jewelry Making.

I Cover:

1. Overview of Jewelry Making

An overview of Design, Wax Carving, and Casting.

2. Tool Making

I give an examples of Wax Carving Tools, and How to Make 2 of My Favorite Carving Tools.

3. Overcoming Fear and Gaining Confidence

I give examples of How I Safely Hooked Up My Torch to My Tanks and Regulators, and Give 2 Soldering Examples

Coming Soon

I will be releasing a Complex Video Series that will cover all these subjects and more. Stay Tuned and Be on the lookout for this release. It will come QUICK, and be GONE QUICKER.

Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to this page so you don’t miss out on this exciting program!

I will check in soon.

Take Care


Now Go Make Something Shiny!


My 2 Favorite Wax Carving Tools, and How to Make and Use Them

Jewelry Tools!!! 

Have you ever been OVERWHELMED by all the apparent Tools Needed to Make JEWELRY? It seems there is a specialized tool for every project, and the options are endless. The prices can be downright outrageous and who knows if you need them or not.

Well, over the past weeks, I have been putting together a few FREE VIDEOS to help you understand a little bit more, how some of it fits together. THIS video is my way of combatting all the tools used in Wax Carving. I will show you the 2 tools I use for 90% of all my carving, and how to make them with very little cost.

Check it out HERE,


I will be sending out a couple more videos in the coming days that cover other subjects.

When you subscribed to, you wanted to get updated with new content and info from the website. BUT, I also want to learn from you what you would like to see my end……

SO do me a favor…….

After the video, Scroll Down and Leave a Comment.

I want to know if it was helpful and what your thoughts are.

As always, Take Care…..


Now….. Go Make Something Shiny