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JewelryMonk Design Contest Final Update

1st JewelryMonk Design Contest is in the books!

I am finishing up on all the videos, and will make them available soon. There are 19 Main Videos, 19 Bonus Videos, and tons of other content, WHAT A PROJECT!  I had a ton of fun, and look forward to the next contest, Which will be a project all on metal fabrication and soldering. But first, I need a break…. Stay Tuned

NOW….. Go make something shiny!


Progress on the JewelryMonk Design Contest Part 2

Progress on the JewelryMonk Design Contest Part 2

I trust everyone had a great Christmas and New Years. Now it is time to get back into the “Groove” of the 2017 year. I have been busy creating this piece of jewelry, and recording and editing videos for this project, which Jillian, the winner will get. I will also make them available to the public soon thereafter for purchase. Follow along with the progress by subscribing here at

I will also get back into the studio soon and make more JewelryMonk Podcast episodes. Also, after this project is done, I will be adding content, more free tips and tricks, here at

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Now, Go make something shiny……


JewelryMonk Design Contest Winner Announced

JewelryMonk Design Contest Winner Announced


The winner of the 1st JewelryMonk Design Contest is Jillian Logue. Jillian will receive A finished piece in silver of her design set with the peridot stone seen above. Also the model and mold of her design to do with what she wants. Lastly a series of videos of the whole process from beginning to end.

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Again, Congratulations Jillian !

I will keep y’all updated on the progress. Remember to follow along at for updates.  I will be starting the progress this week.

JewelryMonk Design Contest Info


Alright, the First JewelryMonk Design Contest Info:

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In a nutshell, here are the details:

I have chosen 5 stones for you to use in a RING design. Your job is to select one of these stones (there is a Pear Shaped, an Emerald Cut Stone, a Marquise Shape, a Trillion Shaped Stone, and an Oval Shaped stone. (Pictured below)

  • You design a SILVER RING with one of these stone.
  • You have a until November 27th at Midnight to submit your design to
  • The deadline will be Sunday, November 27th 2016 at Midnight EST.
  • My team and I will select 1 winner and announce it December 4th.  The winner will get their design created by myself. During this process, I will create videos of the whole process from:  Design – The Layout – Wax Carving and Cleanup – Casting – Metal Clean up – Rubber Mold Making – Wax Sizing – Casting the Production Piece – Grinding – Tumbling – Pre-Polishing – Stone Setting – and Final Polishing.

I will make this video series available for purchase when it is finished, BUT the winner will receive the series for free.

BUT WAIT!!!! There’s More!!! (I have always wanted to say that….. sorry….. )

The winner will also receive the finished design model, the mold, and the finished piece to own. This design and finished piece is theirs to do with whatever they want.

Also you all have MY PROMISE, that any design that is not selected, I will not use, create, sell, or produce. It will never see the light of day unless you request me to do so. It is your intellectual property, and I will respect that.

Now, don’t feel like you are not “Qualified” to submit a design. You do not have to be a designer to enter. If you can do a CAD drawing, a pencil sketch, or just a crayon sketch, that is all I need.  My career has been creating jewelry from complex designs, or “chicken scratch”. I have an eye for this. We will not make our decision on the design sketch quality, but criteria set up by our team for this project. So this contest is for EVERYONE!

Here are the stones to design from:

Marquise Blue Topaz: 12x6mm and 4mm Deep


Oval Citrine: 9x7mm 4.5mm Deep


Emerald Cut Amethyst 8x6mm 4mm Deep


Trillion Cut Garnet 8x8mm 4.75mm Deep


Pear Shaped Peridot 5x7mm 3.25mm Deep


So I have 3 things for you to do:

First, Look at the stones you have to work with and choose 1 stone to design a ring with. Take your time and think about it for a bit. REMEMBER, The deadline will be Sunday, November 27th 2016 at Midnight EST. And you only get 1 design to submit…..period (choose wisely my friend)

Second…. Create a design as simple or as complex as you want and email it to I will print out all these entries submitted and my team and I will choose a winner by December 4th, 2016.

Third and most importantly….. Suscribe for email updates! Along this process I will be releasing videos to highlight certain aspects of the creative process and I wouldn’t want you to miss out.
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Also, Leave a comment on the website. Let me know you are out there, let me know what you think, and most importantly…. encourage one another. Also check out and do the same there. Encourage one another. Don’t post your designs there…. You would be giving away your secrets, but say HI!, hang out a bit, and most importantly…..HAVE FUN!

There ya have it, the First JewelryMonk Design Contest/Video training series Contest Rules.

I am excited for me, but more importantly, I am excited for YOU ALL. I really look forward to seeing what you all are going to create.

Now…… go create something award winning!


Day 35 Mold Injection

 Wax Injection Header

Eventually, if you make jewelry long enough, you will find that you make some of the same things over and over, either multiple parts on the same design or the design multiple times. You say to yourself….”Self, it would be so nice if I could make it once and have a way to reproduce it”. Whether you do your own casting or have someone do your casting for you, it is beneficial to have a mold made so all you have to do is inject the wax and cast the piece, sometimes multiple times.

I will cover making a mold at a later date, but today let’s look at the wax injection process. Here is a piece I needed multiples of, so I made a model, added a sprue and a sprue button, and made a mold.

Wax Injection (1) Wax Injection (2)

Here is the mold I will be using, notice when I cut the mold, I cut it with “locks” in it so the 2 halves won’t shift and the mold line will be less visible and less cleanup in the wax. I cut the mold with a #12 Surgical Blade in a Scalpel Handle. I used Castaldo Gold Ready Cut Rubber in this instance.

Wax Injection (3) Wax Injection (4)

I also cut airlines in the mold so the air can evacuate and helps the waxes fill more easily. I lightly coat the airlines with talc (Baby Powder) to help in this process. I fill a towel with baby powder and tap the inside of the mold while spreading the mold open. I also use a Makeup Brush to brush out any excess powder. An air hose blown into the mold will do the same thing.

Wax Injection (5) Wax Injection (6)

Wax Injection (7) Wax Injection (8)

After the airlines are powdered, spray a little Mold Release to the inside of the mold to help the wax come out of the mold easier. To inject the wax, I have made 2 Aluminum Plates that I use to hold the mold at a constant pressure so the mold doesn’t bulge or have inconsistent thicknesses. The aluminum plates are about 1.5mm thick.

Wax Injection (10)

Wax Injection (9) Wax Injection (11)

Now set the air pressure on your Wax Injection Machine, I like to start around 10psi. Hold the mold to the injection nozzle, press in and count to about 10 (one thousand one, one thousand two, etc.) Wait for a couple of minutes for the wax to cool, and open the mold. If the wax doesn’t fill, add more pressure, and if it overfills, (flashing), decrease the air pressure. Remove and repeat. Re-powder the mold about every 20-30 injections and spray the mold release about every 5 or so injections.

Wax Injection (12) Wax Injection (13)

Wax Injection (14) Wax Injection (15)

Wax Injection (16)

I hope you had a great 4th of July!

Now go enjoy your jewelry making.