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Stalled Projects and Afraid-to-Start Projects

In 2 Weeks, WE Could Tackle That Nagging Jewelry Project That Has Been Stalled on Your Bench:

What Projects are you working on, and are stalled….. On have been afraid to try and tackle because you don’t know exactly how to go about it, or are afraid you might mess it up and waste money?

Check out this quick video to see how:

This Jewelry Creation Method Video Course is Focused on:  EDUCATION, EQUIPPING, and ENCOURAGING You in Your Jewelry Making.

JUST The Video Lessons consist of:

1- Video on Image Sizing Video

6- Videos on Wax Preparation and Carving Videos

4- Videos on Casting/ Casting Prep and Investing Videos

3- Videos on SILVER Model Cleanup Videos

1- Video on Mold Making Video

1- Video on Tumbling, Grinding, Pre-polishing Video

2- Videos on Stone Setting Videos

1-Video on Final Polishing and Cleaning Video

  • OVER 20 Bonus Videos covering subjects like Making Your Own Silver Wire, Using a Draw Plate, How to Make Textured Sheet, Annealing, Tool Making, and much, MUCH MORE

  • And the OVER-THE-TOP Bonus:


PLUS——->  2 Full Weeks of PERSONAL INSTRUCTIONS with ME,

Doug Napier, The JewelryMonk

So, THAT ought to get you SUPER Excited, But remember:


So Act Soon, Or This Amazing Offer Will Be Gone!

Together, WE can make the BEST Jewelry of Your LIFE:

Now….. Let’s Make Something Shiny….. TOGETHER

Jewelry Creation Method Video Series is LIVE!



The Jewelry Creation Method Video Course

Have YOU ever been Overwhelmed by all the seemingly complicated processes that go into jewelry making? How to tackle all the concepts used in the craft? How do you get your design or idea from your mind into jewelry….

There’s Wax Carving – Casting – Model and Mold Making –  Soldering – Stone Setting – Polishing –  just to name a few…… and The list goes on.

Have you ever wanted to take a design that is in your head and create a piece of jewelry from it, one that is repeatable? How much time could you save if you could reproduce one of your handmade designs, over and over, with the same results every time, without recreating the whole piece from scratch?

Are you like me? Do you learn better by examples, rather that books or magazines?

What if someone could show you a Jewelry Creation Method, The Process, The System, ……Step by Step, ….. Every Detail, Every Concept    and TALK YOU THROUGH IT ALL ALONG THE WAY…..

Would that revolutionize your Jewelry Making Experience? If I could Show you how to make your jewelry ideas a reality? Would it open up new opportunities?

This Jewelry Creation Method Video Course is Focused on:  EDUCATION, EQUIPPING, and ENCOURAGING

The Video Lessons consist of:

1 Image Sizing Video

6 videos on Wax Preparation and Carving Videos

4 Videos on Casting/ Casting Prep and Investing Videos

3 Videos on SILVER Model Cleanup Videos

1 Mold Making Video

1 Tumbling, Grinding, Pre-polishing Video

2 Videos on Stone Setting Videos

1 Final Polishing and Cleaning Video

and plenty of bonus material…….PLENTY!

I walk you through every process with 4 camera video perspective

I explain exactly what I am doing, the whole time, and why I am doing it.

And in many cases, show you zoomed in photography of the example, so you completely grasp the concept.

I’ll show you how to master, and understand all of that in your own time.

The bottom line is that we’re going to cover a lot of ground together, over a couple of weeks, and you’re going to come out the other end with a complete understanding of the whole Jewelry Creation Method.

SO, If you’re ready to Take your Jewelry skill-set to the next level, then your next step is clear  click the order button above and get registered for the Jewelry Creation Method Course.

You have a big decision to make. I can’t make it for you… the only thing I can do is tell you that the Jewelry Creation Method Course works.

I promise:    It is not always going to be easy, change and growth never is

But I also promise:     The opportunity to change is always worth the effort.

Click the button now and I’ll see you in the program…

Now, as always…… Let’s Make Something Shiny…..TOGETHER


JewelryMonk Design Contest Final Update

1st JewelryMonk Design Contest is in the books!

I am finishing up on all the videos, and will make them available soon. There are 19 Main Videos, 19 Bonus Videos, and tons of other content, WHAT A PROJECT!  I had a ton of fun, and look forward to the next contest, Which will be a project all on metal fabrication and soldering. But first, I need a break…. Stay Tuned

NOW….. Go make something shiny!


017 JewelryMonk Podcast Update, Contest, Trip,

JewelryMonk Podcast Episode 17

Here is what’s new and what I have been up to in the past couple of months:

  • In November I had to take a trip to China for some work, I had a great time and got to see and eat things that invigorated my senses.

  • Right before I left on my trip, I resigned from my position with the company I was employed with, and started my own journey…… Upon returning from overseas, I launched my personal website devoted to consulting and training in Jewelry Manufacturers. I have been working in Jewelry factories for over 32 years, some of the largest in the world, and have a wealth of info to share., was launched to enhance the JewelryMonk Industries family. (Image)   I have been doing CAD work on the side as well, to keep the lights on.

The JewelryMonk Design Contest, was launched just before I left on my trip, and in early December, the winner was chosen. Jillian Logue’s design was picked, and I created a piece of jewelry from her design. I recorded the whole process from sketch, to finished piece, creating a model and a mold. She will receive her finished piece of jewelry, the model, the mold, and a video series that captures the whole process.

A Video Series will soon be available for sale that covers the whole process from drawing and wax carving, through casting, stone setting and polishing.



In this episode, I covered a Health Tip


“3 Ways You Can Reduce the Stress in your Life and Find Happiness, Peace, and Abundance” by Kyle Hunt

Covering how to:

  • Alter your perception: If you truly want to reduce stress, you have to become the master of your mental and emotional state.”
  • Communicate your thoughts: If you have things in your personal relationships that are bothering you, be honest with people and relieve some of the burden.”
  • Exercise Regularly: Even though it’s a short amount of time to spare, staying consistent with exercise will allow you to clear your head, refocus on your priorities, and relieve the tension that stress adds to your life.”


Jewelry Tips:

  • Cotton Balls, Q-Tips, Aspirin Cotton
  • Red Rouge
  • Gray Compound
  • Valve Grinding Compound

I also added a fun story because it is not good to be serious all the time………

Cool Tool of the Week:

3D Digital Microscope QX800 HD High Resolution


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Now go make something shiny!


Quick Ultrasonic Tip for Today

Quick Ultrasonic Tip for Today and Update

Hey everyone!

I have been so busy lately producing content for the first JewelryMonk Design Contest, I have lost vision for a bit. I do that, I get tunnel-vision when I am working on a project, and don’t look up till it is finished. I apologize for that, not that I am ever going to get better, but it seems like the thing to do. I am almost finished with the design, and with the videos that go along with this project. My plan is releasing a video series on how I took this design from the drawing stage, all the way through till the finished product. I have been video recording every step with 4 different cameras, and doing some fun editing. I have 16 videos finished already, and a few more to do till completion. All that said I will get back to producing tips, tricks, and podcasts very soon.

Until then, here is a quick lil’ video I made today.

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Now…… Go make something Shiny…..