Recommended Tools

Over the next few weeks/months, I will start to compile a list of some of my tools that I cannot go without.

Just to start it off, my #1 favorite-can’t-do-without file. Barrette Needle File #4 Cut. I use it multiple times a day. Mine is “doctored” up a little, which I will explain in one of the next few blog entries.

Another tool I have grown to love is Dop Wax. I use it to secure pieces when working on them, Holds well, easy to clean up.

I use a 4″ Jewelers Saw Frame with 3/0 Saw Blades for most of my jobs. Smaller blades at times though.

My favorite torch for years has been a Smith Mini Torch. Small enough to solder those delicate jobs, powerful enough to attack those bigger jobs.

This tool is a must, a good Foredom motor and handpiece. I have the #30 handpiece, but use my #10 Quick Change Hand Piece mostly.

Smooth Jawed Parallel Pliers are a great tool to hold many pieces without marking them, these are a must.

A Rolling Mill is something that you will want on your wish list. This is an economical option that I use.

A Steam Cleaning Machine is also a must have, this Steam Dragon works great and I have used it for years.

A good Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner is also a must. If you do more than a few pieces at a time, this will work great. If you just do a few pieces at a time, you can get by with a smaller unit.


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