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Soldering a Thin Piece to a Thicker Piece

Annealing Silver

Barrette Needle File Modification

Bench Pin Modifications

How to Fix a Broken Wax Ring

Bezel Setting Stones (Trouble with Loose Stones)

How to Make Casting Straws for Vacuum Casting

How to use Cotton for Polishing

How to Read Dial Calipers

Soldering and Using Your Dominant Hand

Draw Plates and How to Use Them

Cleaning Your Files Easier

Using an Ingot Mold

Making Sheet Silver from an Ingot Mold

Using Mineral Oil in Jewelry

How to Make and Use a Burnisher

How to Make and Use a Burnisher as a Cutter

Using Q-Tips for Polishing

How to Quality Stamp your Jewelry

Ring Clamp Modifications

Saw Blade Tips

Modify your Screw Mandrels for Safety

Modify your Surgical (Utility) Blades for Jewelry

Making Texture with your Rolling Mill

How to Make and Use Wax Carving Tools

Tweezer Modifications for Less Stress, Better Performance

Ultrasonic Tips

Using Valve Grinding Compound for Finishing

Using 1/2 Round – Flat Pliers

Torch Setup and Soldering Tutorial

FUN Casting Montage Videos

FUN JewelryMonk Website Overview Video


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